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▶ alpha

Actual lyrics are planned, rather than my boring aaahs, haaahs and yeaahs 😛

vocals, production and composition: fuchsia

▶ insidious (first draft)

For your ears, with love~

composition & production: fuchsia

▶ petrichorus

I’d call this close to finished.

composition & production: fuchsia

▶ cyborg tears

will you take sides?

composition & production: fuchsia

▶ backwards

Reworking an old song, playing with ideas and having absolutely no idea what monstrosity I’ve borne. Enjoy, folks!

vocals: kate
composition & production: fuchsia

▶ scattered

Threw this together over about 6 hours today. Much of the original material was composed about 10 years ago.

composition & production: fuchsia

▶ prairie wind (unfinished)

A friend of mine asked to write a song together once. He said he’d do the lyrics. I wrote this, then gave him a copy. He then said he couldn’t think of anything to match to it. Later, another friend offered to write lyrics, yet couldn’t think of a single thing to match it either.

▶ over the rainbow (third draft)

contains approximately 10 seconds of material (c) warner records
vocals & artwork: Pokey
partial mechanical rights (c) EMI, Harold Arlen 1938
intended under fair-use

▶ inverted 2013 (unfinished)

A labour of love and self discovery wrought from a difficult period of my life. I’ve been working on this since 2010.

▶ can’t avoid the pattern (atmospheric mix)