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▶ broken

In dedication to Troy.

composition & production: fuchsia
artwork: pokey

▶ Kirby’s Adventure – Rainbow Resort

I almost forgot about this remix. Original track by Hirokazu Ando. Kirby character (c) HAL Laboratories

intended under fair-use.
production: fuchsia

I’ve put cyborg tears on bandcamp for anyone who’d like to own their own copy!

Support me and I’ll love you ’til I’m broke~

▶ just for now (abstract flavour)

processing noise and the figure-ground through a harmonically tuned pattern recogniser since 1987. this is how the world sounds.

vocals & production: fuchsia
partial mechanical rights (c) imogen heap

▶ alpha

Actual lyrics are planned, rather than my boring aaahs, haaahs and yeaahs 😛

vocals, production and composition: fuchsia

▶ insidious (first draft)

For your ears, with love~

composition & production: fuchsia

▶ petrichorus

I’d call this close to finished.

composition & production: fuchsia

▶ cyborg tears

will you take sides?

composition & production: fuchsia

▶ backwards

Reworking an old song, playing with ideas and having absolutely no idea what monstrosity I’ve borne. Enjoy, folks!

vocals: kate
composition & production: fuchsia

▶ scattered

Threw this together over about 6 hours today. Much of the original material was composed about 10 years ago.

composition & production: fuchsia