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▶ robot yoshi dance

Argh I’ve been making so much new stuff lately but nothing substantial is finished! I do have something to share though.

Here’s a fun little excursion in drum programming I had recently.

composition & production: fuchsia
(c) metamartyr

▶ silver (first draft)

composition & production: fuchsia

(c) metamartyr

▶ willow (first draft)

more stuff than before, yay

let’s see what happens with this one. it’s sort of writing itself.

composition, production, vocals: fuchsia
(c) metamartyr

▶ 20 years

second draft (see futureshock). lyrics will be in the final track.

composition, vocals & production: fuchsia
(c) metamartyr

▶ fall through face feat. fuchsia

a song about the past, present and future of disruptions in communication.

~ lyrics ~
I hold you there in focus;
the face I recognise
is just a fiction though
somehow realised
in my mind
as someone I know
oh too well.

I stand here in this ocean
of memories in blue;
We felt the world stop
for a moment or two.

Breathing in I’m closing my eyes,
breathing out, looking so surprised.
You’re someone else but it’s okay,
I still feel the same.

I hold you there in focus;
the face I recognise
is more than just fiction
but now realised
in my mind as
someone I,
someone I,

someone I know
oh too well.

composition, production, lyrics & vocals: fuchsia

▶ Donkey Kong Land – Aquatic Ambiance

a crappy little remix I did in about 2 hours.

original track composed by david wise
production: fuchsia
(c)1995 rare/nintendo

▶ fall through face

this kinda came out of nowhere.

production & composition: fuchsia

▶ Gameboy Camera [sub – menu / track19]

A remix from some time ago, haven’t posted anything in a while so lucky you!

production: fuchsia
composition: hirokazu tanaka

▶ automata

Playing around with weird drum samples and warm soundfonts

composition & production: fuchsia

▶ futureshock (first draft)

More to come.

composition, vocals, production: fuchsia