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▶ the song that never was (draft version)

draft version of my cover of Imogen’s original work. there’s more I’d still like to accomplish on this track, but I’ve been neglecting my soundcloud.

this piece was originally written by Imogen Heap for a TV show, but the song was cut from the production. Imogen unleashed her masterful voice work online for fans and creatives alike to test their mettle at writing their own interpretation of the song. mine’s only 11 years late.

composition: imogen heap & fuchsia f
vocals: imogen heap
production: fuchsia f
all parts (c) their respective owners.

▶ Full Science Ahead!

With the recent surprise update to No Man’s Sky bringing synthesisers to the game, I couldn’t resist the temptation and wrote a little song. It got quite a bit of attention on reddit and even re-tweeted by Sean Murray, before being featured on a German YouTube channel! Anyways, here’s the little song that caused all the excitement.

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▶ traveller (3rd draft)

the track has evolved quite a bit. expect more at some point.

composition & production: fuchsia
(c)2018 metamartyr

▶ synaptic (2nd draft)

Here’s something new. Lucky, lucky you.

composition & production: fuchsia
(c) metamartyr 2017

▶ traveller (first draft)

composition & production: fuchsia

(c)2017 metamartyr

▶ lost

Oh yeah, I made this too.

composition & production: fuchsia
(c) metamartyr 2016

▶ tangled (first draft)

I’m uploading this in spite of feeling it to be nowhere near ready, but my soundcloud is hungry. I hope you like it.

composition and production: fuchsia
(c) metamartyr 2016

▶ level 4 (first draft)

composition & production: fuchsia
(c) metamartyr

▶ a cage nowhere (first draft)

the cage isn’t

composition & production: fuchsia (c) metamartyr

▶ still falling

I did some work on one of my older tracks, it needed additional clean-up on the vocals to make them sound less comped, and there were a few more ideas I had to fill out the sound.

The song is still at the same place, I’ve just switched out the tracks on SoundCloud.